The Wavellite Software Framework

Environmental sensor networks generate data. Large networks can consist of dozens, in some cases hundreds, of sensors and generate a considerable amount of data. Small networks with sensors sampling at several kHz can also generate a lot of data. Data is accessed and encoded in various ways. Some sensors implement a tiny web server and data is retrieved via HTTP. The data of other sensors is copied on a USB memory stick and processed from there. Data may be streamed on demand, pushed to a queue, persisted to a store. Data may be binary encoded or plain text, formatted in csv or xml or otherwise. The store may be a relational database systems, a non-standard database, a bunch of files. Clearly, sensor data is heterogeneous…

October 12th, 2013

My Travel Mug

On my recent travelling I boarded enough airplanes to realize that I could easily bring my own mug, instead of wasting all that plastic and paper. Today I brought one with me…

October 8th, 2013


Conferences aside, I don’t travel much. But when I do I seem to like doing it so that in a few days I get enough of it for some time. I will be on the road, or in the air, the next 10 or so days. Two weddings, the first in Bulgaria the other in Switzerland, an important birthday celebration in Switzerland, and an appointment with authorities back where I (still) spent most of my life, for the making of a new passport. They hopefully won’t invalidate my old passport next week because I cannot wait until they ship the new one. In the age of hopping over airports of cities to get anywhere, this entails boarding eight aircrafts. The busy week also means that I will sleep in seven different beds. This is assuming that LOT Polish Airlines will find my booking, which so far is nowhere to be found in online check-in and self check-in at the airport. Otherwise I will have to improvise. On a side note, I look forward to a time when I will not have to turn off mobile data just because I leave the borders of a country, at least within Europe. Seriously, policymakers and industry: get this done, it is long overdue…

September 5th, 2013

Food Culture in Kuopio

Kuopio is a relatively remote place on Earth. Perhaps you shouldn’t expect too much with respect to food culture. While I like some of the Finnish culinary curiosities, like Rosvopaisti or Kalakukko, I have found Kuopio to be relatively poor in world foods choice. Other than Finnish, like Sampo or Kummisetä or Wanha Satama, we had, and still have, Greek, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, and Viking (-like) restaurants. And then there are the beasts, which you may enjoy only occasionally because of their quality, such as Amarillo or Memphis or Hesburger or Buffa, and there are the beauties, which you may enjoy only occasionally because of their price, such as Ravintola Os or Musta Lammas or Isä Camillo. There is even Sushi, if you drop by the Matkus shopping center. And then there are a few more which I forgot, I don’t want to remember, I utterly dislike, or I have never heard of. Oh, and are the IKEA meatballs still around?

July 12th, 2013